My name is Clayton Benedict. I am a photographer from Albuquerque, NM. I have a passion for street and concert photography. I was originally born in Seattle, Washington to two photographers. As I grew up I always had a drive to express myself. I started with music, picking up a guitar at age 10, and playing it for the following 20 years.
I went into the EMS field in my early 20's and made a living helping people, but I always remained curious about photography. When I got out of EMS do to the physical strain of the work, I bought a camera and started teaching myself how to shoot and run the device. Soon after, I discovered how to express myself with it. I grew to love street photography and doing concert photography. I've grown close with many in the music scene in New Mexico with the images I produce. I can't imagine a better thing to do with my energy than document life.
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